About Us

HowToPaintCars.com is an educational website that provides information about the Automotive Refinishing Industry, related service providers and manufacturers.

The site is run by a Professional Technician with ASE Certification and formal education in Auto Body Refinishing who has worked for a variety of different shops including Manufacturer Dealerships, Small shops with under 25 employees, Specialty Classic Car Restoration, Airplane Refinishing and has owned his own business for over 20 years.

Our goal is to take the mystery out of the process and provide you the information you need to get the job done.

The target audience for this site is both professionals and hobbyist refinishers and those who may transition to providing services professionally.

General Disclaimer

Although attempts to follow the most up to date standards and practices are always what we strive for many techniques and regulations can change from the time we write about it to the time you actually want to put it in practice.

Automotive Refinishing is a dangerous process that exposes you to a variety of different hazards that can take your life or the life of those around you. You must always approach every task with full seriousness and understanding of the products and tools you are using and always follow Manufacture Warnings and Directions completely.

Respiration and Eye Protection is mandatory at all times. If you can not put on products that will safeguard your health then go get a second job to earn the money to have a professional do the work for you. This is not a joke. People do lose eyes, lose parts of their vision, lose fingers, get electrocuted, get seriously burned and DIE while doing their best to follow directions and safety procedures. IT DOES HAPPEN not every day at every shop but you can put money on the fact someone in the USA working in our industry ends up in the Emergency Room every single day of the year.

For this reason you may not use this website as your only source of information on how to perform a procedure. You must always verify any information on this site with a manufacture or other professional as to its safety and method. In addition any products sold directly by the owner of this website may not be used where losses of any type could result. We the Ownership of this website disclaim all liability of merchantability and fitness for use of everything we provide. If laws in your area would override our ability to disclaim all liability then you must leave this website and not make use of any content or product we provide for free or cost. Not doing so will be considered theft of service by you and may result in criminal and civil prosecution.

Please read our full terms of service for more information on how you are contractually obligated by your use of this website and other related products or other.




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