Classic Car Restoration

Should you use Single Stage Paint for a More Accurate Restoration?

Tags: Classic Car Restoration · Enamel · Urethane paint today is base coat color without any protection which is covered by a clear coat but what if you are restoring a vehicle that was originally painted with a single stage enamel?

Single stage enamels were popular until the mid 1980’s when they were enhanced with a clear coat protective coating and more extensive use of hardeners which brought them into the urethane mix.

Eventually we will probably see most single stage paints removed from the market because they are mainly available only in solvent based formulas. They do however give a finished job without …

Specialty Junkyards are Gold Mines for Classic Car Restoration Projects

Tags: Classic Car Restoration · Junkyards / Used Parts working on older vehicles it can be difficult, impossible or just very expensive to find parts. Most average junkyards will part out vehicles for about 10 years and then crush what remains for scrap metal. Some vehicles last longer and others are gone within months but finding a good junkyard can be difficult.

Specialty junkyards deal only with a select type of vehicle. Sometimes its only one model within a manufacturer and sometimes its only a select year range of a single model.

Other junkyards will deal only with muscle cars or vehicles before 1960 and …

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