Specialty Junkyards are Gold Mines for Classic Car Restoration Projects

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http://www.howtopaintcars.com/wp-content/gallery/sample-cars/mustang-junkyard-01.jpg?i=1145919860When working on older vehicles it can be difficult, impossible or just very expensive to find parts. Most average junkyards will part out vehicles for about 10 years and then crush what remains for scrap metal. Some vehicles last longer and others are gone within months but finding a good junkyard can be difficult.

Specialty junkyards deal only with a select type of vehicle. Sometimes its only one model within a manufacturer and sometimes its only a select year range of a single model.

Other junkyards will deal only with muscle cars or vehicles before 1960 and then you have the import junkyards that offer anything not made in the USA.

What are the best parts to get from a Junkyard?

Unfortunately its really difficult to say what parts are best to get at a yard because so many of them treat their cars differently.

If you are looking for an Engine or complete drive train it can be really difficult to remove them if the place is a you pick place. However if you can work with the owner and get a tow truck down to pick it out for you the job is not so bad.

You want to be careful when you ask them to cut off a quarter panel or other part. Often they go a little crazy with the cutting torch and you can lose a lot of good metal. Marking the place you want cut with spray paint is not a bad idea.

What can you expect to pay for Junkyard Parts?

http://www.howtopaintcars.com/wp-content/gallery/sample-cars/mustang-junkyard-04.jpg?i=831888854Prices can vary a lot but they should have a standard list of costs for general parts.

Most engines, transmissions, doors, hoods, and glass should all go for the same basic price but if the owner knows they have a special car they may not even want to part it out. At that point getting parts can be difficult and as expensive as you can negotiate.

For an engine and transmission I would not pay more then $500 unless it was a special item.

Doors should be about $75 with the glass.

Seats should be $35 each.

Again if you are talking special parts it will cost more. Expect to pay $35 for a standard bucket seat but if you have a fastback mustang with high seats that can cost more.

How do you find specialty Junkyards?

http://www.howtopaintcars.com/wp-content/gallery/sample-cars/mustang-junkyard-02.jpg?i=248632837It can be pretty difficult finding some of these places. Often you can ask around at your local junkyard if they know anyone that has a field of cars that you are looking for.

Other times you can work through shops that specialize in just your make of  vehicle however they are often tight lipped because they need those parts to markup and sell to you.

Swap meets are a good way to network with specialty yards or sometimes you can find them advertized or mentioned online.








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