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Honda Civic Hatchback Project Painting Over Old Spray Paint With Automotive Paint

Tags: Project Cars, i bought a new project Civic, off a friend so I know what was done to it. It was black from the factory, but when he bought it with rust, he cut out the rust, used bondo, krylon primer, and then krylon satin black paint.

Is it impossible to spray over the krylon paint with any sort of quality paint? Ive done a little research and one thread I came across was oven cleaner, of all things, apparently will remove the krylon easily instead of hours of sanding.

This is a low budget daily driver, so …

HowTo – Clear Coating and Tinting Headlights

Tags: Automotive Detailing · Clearcoat · Project Cars vehicle manufacturers changed over from glass headlights which were often just large bulbs held in a bezel back in the 80’s it gave them the opportunity to introduce a variety of different tear drop shapes that better matched the low drag coefficient shapes on front bumpers.

Unfortunately the new acrylics that are used in the manufacture of these headlight housings do not hold up to heavy abuse and elements.

The first solution was to coat the housing or protect it with a film. This caused headaches for owners and restoration shops because the film on the …

Is it possible to buy a Vehicle without a Title?

Tags: Project Cars · Shop Management and time again I see relatively nice cars up for sale that do not come with a Title. The most disappointing thing is that these cars are often sold for much less then a similar vehicle that has a title.

So, the question is… Can you buy a Vehicle without a Title?

Lets be honest up front.. something that many of these sellers are not being with potential customers an state strictly by the law .. NO

You can not legally transfer ownership of any vehicle in almost every instance without a state issued certificate of title …

Project Car – 1966 Mustang Convertible – Floor Pans & Torque Box Repair

Tags: Frame Repair · Project Cars our first project car we will be completing some intermediate to advanced frame repair on a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.

This car was selected because it is a favorite of hobbyists that  enjoy performing classic car restoration and because it is one of the most common advanced projects that a mustang owner is likely to perform on their own.

The first thing you should realize before you attempt such a project is that you will need skill, time and money to see this project to the end.

When you find a classic mustang that is in need …

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