How to Paint an Engine Compartment that has been previously spray painted

Tags: Enamel · Engine Compartments are often the most abused areas in our vehicles. If you work on your vehicle a lot then you are likely to get chemicals on your paint, scratches from removing and installing parts and because its not an area that everyone else sees it often gets neglected.

Over the time that we or other people have owned the vehicle there may have been a number of color changes and touchups. Often the paint is rattle can dollar store paint that just hides previous attempts to make it look nice but at some point we …

The Top Ten Auto Repair Jobs for Average Car Owners

Tags: Drivetrain

A recent survey was made of Auto Repair shops asking what jobs are most likely for you to perform.

The list is pretty interesting and it left out general maintenance such as having your oil changed and looked more at billable hours and jobs for average cars.

Here is the list below and it may be surprising.
Top Ten Auto Repair Jobs
1. Brake Pads Replacement
2. Alternator Replacement
3. Water Pump Replacement
4. Timing Belt Replacement
5. Spark Plugs Replacement
6. Fuel Pump Replacement
7. Brake Rotor Replacement
8. Radiator Replacement
9. Engine Mount Replacement
10. Catalytic Converter Replacement


As you can see Catalytic Converters are the least likely to need servicing however …

What Products are Best for Painting Exhaust Parts?

Tags: Exhaust someone starts asking about painting their exhaust the first question I have is WHY?

There are times when painting exhaust parts is a reasonable thing to do but in most instances the work is really not worth the results.

Sure you can pay tons of money and have a mandrel bent system custom painted but this is normally done only for trailer cars that don’t see any street time. If you are investing in a $100k custom vehicle and want everything the way you want it rather then a stock or performance solution then this is …

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