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How to handle Problems of Painting Vehicles in Low Temperatures

Tags: Enamel · Paint Additives · Primer · Urethane of the worst problems for Hobbyist Painters is dealing with off season painting. For some of us it is the extreme temperatures in the summer and for the rest of us is waiting too long in the fall and watching the thermometer drop below optimal temperatures.

I have heard a few people describe how they painted their vehicle in an attached garage with the door open to the home and a fan blowing the last cubic foot of warm air into their garage.

Other people setup oil coil heaters with no open flame heating their garage …

How to Prevent and Cure Paint Adhesion Problems on Plastic Parts

Tags: Bumpers · Enamel · Paint Additives · Paint Defects · Specialty Paint · Upholstery Repair · Urethane parts can be the most difficult areas on a vehicle to paint and keep looking good. The problem with plastic parts is that other then bumper covers they normally are designed to be impregnated with color and painting the surface is a restoration option.

Plastic parts are located through out our vehicles and it is important to know and test for the type of plastic before you begin your work.

Once you prep the surface the use of flex agents in most paints is a must. Some products such as vinyl paints and dyes are manufactured …

How to Remove Armor All and Wax from Vehicle Surfaces

Tags: Paint Additives · Upholstery Repair All has been around for probably over 30 years and it is a great product for what it does but sometimes you need to remove all of the wax and dirt from interior parts if you are restoring them and painting.

The first thing to do when cleaning your interior is to vacuum clean any dirt that you can remove. Use a brush or dry cloth and remove any material that will come off before you try to clean it because all you will end up doing is liquifying  that gunk and distributing it all …

Painting Tips – How hot is TOO hot for Summer Painting?

Tags: Body Filler · Paint Additives · Painting Tips this question someone living in Phoenix, AZ asks about temperatures and how they can effect your body work and painting.
I’m doing a project outside. I can shade it to get out of direct sun exposure heating up the panel in the work area, but it’s hot outside.

I need to shoot some epoxy and then add bondo … I hear about restrictions regarding the temps being too low for some of these materials, but how about too high?

I’m assuming it will speed up cure times quite a bit for sure.

When does it get too hot …

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