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Ensuring you are Profitable during the Cost Estimate Process

Tags: Cost Estimating Cost Estimating is one of the most important parts of any auto body shop. The quotes that you prepare not only make sure you get paid for the work that you do but can also be a reason that you lose customers or become very profitable.

The average shop will see a mixture of work that is paid for through direct payment and insurance.

Direct payments can come from the vehicle owner, the other person that is the cause of the damage, a business maintaining their fleet vehicles or other situations where insurance is not involved.

When …

Going into the Auto Body Business with a friend – bad idea?

Tags: Shop Management recently got a bunch of questions from a couple of guys I know that think they want to go into business together. They wanted to know if its a good idea and what they should do to get started. They met in grade school and have been friends for about 10 years. Both of them work in the industry but they have never worked together other then on personal projects.

As for personal life one of them is married with a young kid and the other wants to be single for the rest …

How much can you expect to earn Painting Cars right out of school

Tags: Shop Management was talking with a friends kid who just got a job at a national chain so you can probably guess where he is working.

His background is 2 years of high school trade school for bodywork and he only has a couple cars under his belt at this time but he wants to paint and not prep.

They started him off  at minimum wage somewhere around $9 to $10 an hour and he is prepping cars for paint. As far as I know his job consists of sanding cars all day and cleaning them up. Most …

Is it possible to buy a Vehicle without a Title?

Tags: Project Cars · Shop Management and time again I see relatively nice cars up for sale that do not come with a Title. The most disappointing thing is that these cars are often sold for much less then a similar vehicle that has a title.

So, the question is… Can you buy a Vehicle without a Title?

Lets be honest up front.. something that many of these sellers are not being with potential customers an state strictly by the law .. NO

You can not legally transfer ownership of any vehicle in almost every instance without a state issued certificate of title …

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