Paint Booths

How do you eliminate Paint Buildup on Paint Booth Floors

Tags: Paint Booth Building you have one car to paint or hundreds you will notice that overspray in your booth can cause a sticky mess on your walls and floors.

Professional painters normally wet their floor to reduce adhesion of paint before they bring a car into the booth. Most booth floors are concrete and not sealed or coated and the amount of water used is just enough to change the color of the concrete and to repel the paint.

If you are doing this in your shop you should make sure that there is no standing water before you …

Problem – Dust in Clear Coat is this because of Static?

Tags: Paint Booth Filters and hobbyists both battle the problem of dirt in their finishes and it seems that all of the technology available can not guarantee that you are going to get a job that is completely free of dust every time.

Recently I was talking with a guy that just installed a pretty expensive commercial paint booth system in his shop. He had been working with a handmade cross ventilation booth that he constructed but wanted to increase his production and felt that spending the money would be worth it in the end.

The problem he was having …

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