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Painting Tips – How hot is TOO hot for Summer Painting?

Tags: Body Filler · Paint Additives · Painting Tips this question someone living in Phoenix, AZ asks about temperatures and how they can effect your body work and painting.
I’m doing a project outside. I can shade it to get out of direct sun exposure heating up the panel in the work area, but it’s hot outside.

I need to shoot some epoxy and then add bondo … I hear about restrictions regarding the temps being too low for some of these materials, but how about too high?

I’m assuming it will speed up cure times quite a bit for sure.

When does it get too hot …

Painting Tips – My vehicle is painted in Lacquer Can I use Basecoat Clear to do a Touchup?

Tags: Lacquer · Painting Tips · Urethane is a question about doing a spot repair on a vehicle that was previously painted with Lacquer Paint and whether it is best to repair with the same type paint or use a newer technology.
I have to touch up a few spots on a car originally painted with lacquer. Should I use lacquer again or use a basecoat/clearcoat urethane? The car is a solid color, not metallic.
Ok so not a ton of detail in that question but we are going to attempt explaining the best method of repair for this person’s vehicle.

The first thing …

Painting Tips – Should I put my freshly painted Part in the Sun to Bake Cure?

Tags: Enamel · Painting Tips is a question about baking your freshly painted parts in the sun to make them cure faster.
Hey guys
I painted a car wheel yesterday and have had it in an air conditioned building over night for the low humidity. Should I put it out in the sun today to get it to maybe harden up quicker? I was hoping to put the tires on maybe Tuesday and want it as hard as possible…

Will the humidity outside effect it at this point? I just sprayed a good quality spray-can clear…not 2k.


This is a pretty basic question …

Selecting the right color to paint your vehicle

Tags: Paint and Materials · Painting Tips

When selecting the correct color for your car you have a choice of factory colors or a custum color.
Factory color chip charts can be found at your local automotive supply center. You may also find color charts online but they will be difficult to understand the final color.

Whether you are selecting a specialty color or matching your exact factory paint it is always best to stay within the manufacturers paint line.
You can select paint colors from your year or from surrounding years or historic colors. Although you may find a color from a different manufacturer that seems pleasing a lot …

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