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Are Water Based Paints a good Investment for the Hobbyist Car Painter?

Tags: Waterborne you probably know many shops are either turning to or mandated to use water based paints in their shops but for the home hobbyist is this type of paint a good investment?

The first thing you should understand about water based paints is that they normally must be used in a professional paint booth. The reason for this is that unlike solvent based paints that can cure in a short amount of time through evaporation of solvents the water based line of paints require humidity control and air drying fans.

Because water based paints would normally …

Best Automotive Paint Choices for Beginner Painters

Tags: Urethane to paint is a pretty difficult thing if you are expecting to quickly achieve a level of proficiency that is marketable in a commercial shop or you just don’t want your friends laughing at your work.

For this reason you probably want to practice your skills for a while before you try to get yourself hired.

If you are considering technical school you should understand that your classmates will hog the paint booth and the rest of your day will be learning from a book. This means you can end up spending thousands of dollars and …

Can I paint my Car with Spray Can Spray Paint?

Tags: Spray Paint are a lot of people that want to paint their car because they have a dent or scratch and rather then take it in to a professional shop they want to spray paint it from a $5 rattle can.

Honestly I have to tell you that with only one exception the paint that you get out of a spray paint can will not last the way professional paint does.

In addition to the fact that your paint is will to go dull and peal off you have color matching problems that you can’t find in a …

Can Urethane Clear be mixed with Urethane Base Coat or Single Stage Paint?

Tags: Clearcoat · Enamel · Urethane of the first questions you have when mixing paint for application is whether it is compatible with other paints for modifying colors or other reasons.

For the most part products of the same paint type are mixable however you should always do testing before you rely on a paint for yourself or your customer and because it is so easy to shoot an email to a manufacturer you should probably contact them before you become a mad scientist.

In this case we are considering mixing a urethane base or single stage paint with a Urethane Clear.

The …

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