Paint Buffing Polishing

Removing Paint Runs with Nib Files

Tags: Paint Buffing Polishing · Paint Defects · Sandpaper runs is something that every painter has to deal with. No matter how many years you put in no matter how many cars you paint the fact is you are going to have an off day and cause some runs.

Really this is not the worst thing that can happen but it does delay you and if the run is in the color coat it will mean stopping the work until you can break out a uv light and cure the work for sanding or maybe wipe down the area with reducer and feather it …

Tips for Restoring Old Damaged Paint with Cutting and Buffing

Tags: Paint Buffing Polishing · Paint Defects cars will eventually need some love but before you grab your sandpaper and buffer there are some considerations you must take into account when working on older vehicles.

The problem with restoring older paint is that structurally it has begun to break down. Although it may be in general overall good condition and a buffing could restore its shine for a few more years you can also do some serious damage if you are too aggressive.

Paint will wear unequally on different parts of your vehicle. One bad condition is UV damage along with wind damage …

What is the difference between Polishing and Waxing My Cars Paint?

Tags: Paint Buffing Polishing people get confused about what products they should use to restore and maintain their paint finish.

Although there are many products out on the market that say they can turn a 30 year old paint job into a factory new finish the truth is once paint gets to a certain point even if it is not flaking or crazing to the point you can see it with your eyes the paint will break down and need to be replaced.

Paint is a flexible coating and even though it may seem hard and durable the fact is …

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