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HowTo – Expanding your air compressor’s tank capacity Good or Bad Idea?

Tags: HVLP Paint Guns · Shop Equipment you are a home or hobbyist mechanic you have probably worked your way up through a few different compressors and as you pay more you get more.. Higher horsepower compressors with larger tanks are always something that every mechanic wants but spending the money to jump from different levels of compressors can seem less cost effective then trying to supplement your current compressor with a larger tank.

Well thats the idea that goes through most of our minds when we are considering upgrading. If our current compressor works well then wouldn’t a larger …

Whats the difference between Generic and High Dollar Spray Guns?

Tags: HVLP Paint Guns lot of hopeful hobbyists and beginner painters are deterred from getting into painting because of the cost of tools. People that would see no problem of stripping down an engine and replacing its crank bearings because they know the tools they have will do the job look at the price of a high end gun, compressor and access to a booth and say its just not worth the effort and cost to do a handful of jobs.

Now maybe its a good thing for the rest of us who enjoy painting because we can trade …

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