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HowTo – Diagnosing Small Engine Starting and Performance Problems

Tags: Shop Equipment Engines found in a variety of different tools around our shops. They are in portable compressors, generators, pressure washers, welders and other tools that we depend on.

With normal daily use you can expect to get 5 to 10 years out of your small engines and for light use you can get from 10 to a lifetime out of the same engine.

There are times when maintenance is neglected or things just brake and that means either you service your tool yourself or send it out for repair. If you buy a lot of used tools …

HowTo – Expanding your air compressor’s tank capacity Good or Bad Idea?

Tags: HVLP Paint Guns · Shop Equipment you are a home or hobbyist mechanic you have probably worked your way up through a few different compressors and as you pay more you get more.. Higher horsepower compressors with larger tanks are always something that every mechanic wants but spending the money to jump from different levels of compressors can seem less cost effective then trying to supplement your current compressor with a larger tank.

Well thats the idea that goes through most of our minds when we are considering upgrading. If our current compressor works well then wouldn’t a larger …

Selecting The Right Paint Gun Washer for Waterborne Paints

Tags: Shop Equipment · Waterborne you are considering the move to waterborne paints then you know that many of the tools that you now use will need to be duplicated for this new paint type.

Probably the worst thing about changing over to waterborne is when it comes to outfitting your painter you will be required to buy tools that work with water and continue to maintain your solvent based systems for primer and clear coat application.

Some parts washer manufacturers have acknowledged this problem and have begun to design dual tank cleaners that can clean both solvent and waterborne guns …

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