Frame Repair

Guide to Repairing and Welding High Strength Steel Vehicle Components

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frame-rackHigh Strength Steel is becoming a standard in new vehicle frame and structural components and as an autobody technician you need to know how to identify and correctly repair these parts correctly or you can introduce problems which may lead to risk of injury in the case of an accident.

High Strength Steel comes in a variety of levels of hardness. The harder the steel the more difficult it is to repair and weld. The benefit of high strength steel is that it can replace standard steel of greater thickness.

The common tensile strength …

Project Car – 1966 Mustang Convertible – Floor Pans & Torque Box Repair

Tags: Frame Repair · Project Cars our first project car we will be completing some intermediate to advanced frame repair on a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.

This car was selected because it is a favorite of hobbyists that  enjoy performing classic car restoration and because it is one of the most common advanced projects that a mustang owner is likely to perform on their own.

The first thing you should realize before you attempt such a project is that you will need skill, time and money to see this project to the end.

When you find a classic mustang that is in need …

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