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How to identify and prevent auto body filler adhesion failure

Tags: Body Filler · Dent Removal · Paint Defects Body Filler is one of the most important products used in our shops but sometimes improper use can result in failures and callbacks.

When adhesion problems occur soon after a repair is performed is normally means two things have gone wrong.

Either there was too much or too little hardener used during the mixing of the filler.

Or there was improper preparation of the substrate.

Although polyester fillers can be used on a variety of surfaces with good results you should never use them on galvanized parts. Galvanized parts should either be coated with primer or for best …

Project Car – How to repair a Parking lot dent on my Quarter Panel

Tags: Dent Removal · Project Cars someone pulled a hit and run on my car last night and left several large dents in my rear quarter panel.

I’ve been looking at the position and size of the dents to try to figure out how/what happened. The car was parallel parked on a street.

I live in the city and don’t have a garage, but will be getting one in a couple of months when I move to another apartment. I won’t be repairing this until I have a garage for the car.

Can these dents be pulled out? What kind of process will …

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