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How to identify and prevent auto body filler adhesion failure

Tags: Body Filler · Dent Removal · Paint Defects Body Filler is one of the most important products used in our shops but sometimes improper use can result in failures and callbacks.

When adhesion problems occur soon after a repair is performed is normally means two things have gone wrong.

Either there was too much or too little hardener used during the mixing of the filler.

Or there was improper preparation of the substrate.

Although polyester fillers can be used on a variety of surfaces with good results you should never use them on galvanized parts. Galvanized parts should either be coated with primer or for best …

Painting Tips – How hot is TOO hot for Summer Painting?

Tags: Body Filler · Paint Additives · Painting Tips this question someone living in Phoenix, AZ asks about temperatures and how they can effect your body work and painting.
I’m doing a project outside. I can shade it to get out of direct sun exposure heating up the panel in the work area, but it’s hot outside.

I need to shoot some epoxy and then add bondo … I hear about restrictions regarding the temps being too low for some of these materials, but how about too high?

I’m assuming it will speed up cure times quite a bit for sure.

When does it get too hot …

Which Auto Body Filler is the Best

Tags: Body Filler body shop will have its own preferences when it comes to buying and using different types of Fillers for repair.

The interesting thing is that shops that might be located within yards of each other can have completely different feelings about the quality of different products from specific manufacturers and often the choices aren’t made on the chemicals in the products but more often on personal experience or the amount of time a business has been using one manufacturer or vendor over another.

Vendors can really play a part on how products are introduced in different …

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