How to handle Problems of Painting Vehicles in Low Temperatures

Tags: Enamel · Paint Additives · Primer · Urethane of the worst problems for Hobbyist Painters is dealing with off season painting. For some of us it is the extreme temperatures in the summer and for the rest of us is waiting too long in the fall and watching the thermometer drop below optimal temperatures.

I have heard a few people describe how they painted their vehicle in an attached garage with the door open to the home and a fan blowing the last cubic foot of warm air into their garage.

Other people setup oil coil heaters with no open flame heating their garage …

HowTo – What is the Wait Time between Primer and Color Coat

Tags: Primer working on spot repairs or overall paint jobs the painter must allow for proper flash and cure times between coats of the same product and primers and top coats.

Sometimes especially when performing spot repair jobs in a busy shop these wait times are ignored or pushed however this can result in call backs when solvents in the paint need to escape and either cosmetically or physically damage the job.

Each paint manufacturer will supply a Technical Data Sheet that provides exact information for the product you are using and how it may be used with …

Is Tinting Sealer or Primer with the Top Coat Color a Good Idea?

Tags: Primer few years ago body shops started tinting the color of their primers to match the color of their top coat. The more people that you ask about this practice the larger the number of answers as to why or if it is a good thing to do.

To understand why some shops started doing this you have to understand the basics behind painting.

When you paint a car there are a series of different layers of paint that may or may not be on the car depending if it came from the factory or if it …

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