HowTo – Painting Metalic Paints and Not Leaving Stripes

Tags: Enamel · Lacquer · Paint and Materials · Urethane metallic paints out there are getting out of hand I recently painted a metallic red on a friends ford and when I saw it in full sun the next day all I could think was they must have cut the throat of a MySpace Glitter Unicorn to make this paint.

One of the problems you might run into when painting heavy flake metallic paint is problems with stripes.

If your lighting isn’t that great in your booth or garage you might not even notice that the metallics in your color coat have landed unevenly but once …

Painting Tips – My vehicle is painted in Lacquer Can I use Basecoat Clear to do a Touchup?

Tags: Lacquer · Painting Tips · Urethane is a question about doing a spot repair on a vehicle that was previously painted with Lacquer Paint and whether it is best to repair with the same type paint or use a newer technology.
I have to touch up a few spots on a car originally painted with lacquer. Should I use lacquer again or use a basecoat/clearcoat urethane? The car is a solid color, not metallic.
Ok so not a ton of detail in that question but we are going to attempt explaining the best method of repair for this person’s vehicle.

The first thing …

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