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How to Prevent and Cure Paint Adhesion Problems on Plastic Parts

Tags: Bumpers · Enamel · Paint Additives · Paint Defects · Specialty Paint · Upholstery Repair · Urethane parts can be the most difficult areas on a vehicle to paint and keep looking good. The problem with plastic parts is that other then bumper covers they normally are designed to be impregnated with color and painting the surface is a restoration option.

Plastic parts are located through out our vehicles and it is important to know and test for the type of plastic before you begin your work.

Once you prep the surface the use of flex agents in most paints is a must. Some products such as vinyl paints and dyes are manufactured …

How To Remove Urethane Fixed Windshields

Tags: Auto Glass are a variety of different ways that windshields and other fixed windows are held in place in new and older vehicles. Classic Cars prior to 1970 are likely to use a bitumen tar like substance that is placed in the windshield channel in a 1/2 inch cord shape and then the windshield is pressed in place. You will also see vehicles that have a rubber retaining molding. This is often used on late 80’s and 90’s trucks and vans.

New vehicles and classic cars that have been restored will use a Urethane Adhesive which is …

Project Car – 1966 Mustang Convertible – Floor Pans & Torque Box Repair

Tags: Frame Repair · Project Cars our first project car we will be completing some intermediate to advanced frame repair on a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.

This car was selected because it is a favorite of hobbyists that  enjoy performing classic car restoration and because it is one of the most common advanced projects that a mustang owner is likely to perform on their own.

The first thing you should realize before you attempt such a project is that you will need skill, time and money to see this project to the end.

When you find a classic mustang that is in need …

Project Car – How to repair a Parking lot dent on my Quarter Panel

Tags: Dent Removal · Project Cars someone pulled a hit and run on my car last night and left several large dents in my rear quarter panel.

I’ve been looking at the position and size of the dents to try to figure out how/what happened. The car was parallel parked on a street.

I live in the city and don’t have a garage, but will be getting one in a couple of months when I move to another apartment. I won’t be repairing this until I have a garage for the car.

Can these dents be pulled out? What kind of process will …

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