Should I always use a Clear Coat when painting my Car?

Tags: Clearcoat new vehicles in the past 15 years use a two stage paint system that starts off with a flat base coat and adds a top clear coat for gloss and durability however not every car needs to use a Clear Coat for good results.

Some of the earliest vehicles were painted with lacquer paint which was a single stage paint that required buffing for good gloss. Lacquer today normally adds a top clear coat for protection of the color coat that often contains metallics.

After lacquers came enamel paints. There are three basic types of enamel …

Getting a Uniform Color when Mixing automotive base coat or single stage paint

Tags: Paint and Materials paint is one of the most important parts of obtaining a uniform color in your work.

When paint is distributed from the manufacturer it has been processed and checked for color matching. Although there can be some slight differences between batches most manufacturers mix very large quantities of paint so that they can control the color tint and the amount of metallics in the paint.

However the paint that the Manufacturer distributes is normally not the same product that you will use in your final paint job.

Because every body shop supply center must be able to …

Can I paint my Car with Spray Can Spray Paint?

Tags: Spray Paint are a lot of people that want to paint their car because they have a dent or scratch and rather then take it in to a professional shop they want to spray paint it from a $5 rattle can.

Honestly I have to tell you that with only one exception the paint that you get out of a spray paint can will not last the way professional paint does.

In addition to the fact that your paint is will to go dull and peal off you have color matching problems that you can’t find in a …

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