How To Identify and Cure Automotive Paint Chipping Defects

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Be Sociable, Share! chipping is a very common problem that most cars suffer from. Chipping of paint is a defect that happens after the car has been painted. It is not a defect related to the application of paint its cause is due to impacts of small or large objects usually stones or other debris in the road.

Although there is no way for the automotive paint technician to prevent every defect there are products that can be used to reduce the effects of small objects causing chips around your wheel wells and on your bumpers.

The application of chip guard is something that many trucks have applied to the rocker panels and the lower parts of the vehicle. The product is similar to textured walls or ceilings in your home but because the material is flexible if a small object hits that area hopefully there will be no damage to the paint.

In addition to chip guard flex agent can be applied to painted plastic parts to reduce chips.

With either or both of these products being used prevention is not completely possible so it is something that we just have to deal with.

How to cure Paint Chips on your Car

Fixing pant chips can be difficult because if there are a number of them that are spread out across the vehicle you have only two choices.

You can mix a matching touch up paint and apply it to any chip that does not have rust or full paint failure. This solution is not a perfect one as the repairs are likely to show a color mismatch.

You can sand the complete are and restore it by blending color coat and applying clear. This can be expensive for the vehicle owner and is not normally done for defects that are not isolated to a small area.

Once you blend a large enough area you will end up with the decision to do an overall paint job.

For the reasons above you should tell the customer that the best option is normally a touchup if the work is small then give them the choice of how you should approach a blend or overall paint job.

You should also inform them of the option of Chip Guard and explain how the texture will change the appearance of the vehicle but provide better protection.




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