Project Car – Cracked Paint on Rear Quarter How to Repair Quick for Resale

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Be Sociable, Share! car has a crack in the paint on the quarter panel just behind the passenger door.
The car was shot with black paint from an itr.

Its noticeable and about 3 inches total diameter.

Since Im selling the car shortly and dont really want to deal with painting the whole car , is there a way to just sand the area and have it reshot ?

I know it doesn’t make sense not to do the job right and paint the whole car or at least the whole panel itself but can this be done cheaply and still look decent.

Not the actual image of the vehicle being shown.

Our Suggestion

If you have a crack in your paint you may be able to get away with a touch up brush however it is really difficult to understand what your damage is from your description.

If you have a round type area that is filled with crazing or cracking and is about 3 inches wide then you will need to sand all of the damaged paint off and make repairs to bondo or whatever is under it causing the problem.

If the damage is from impact then you can probably just sand the scratches with 400 grit and primer surfacer the area then complete a touch-up.

Remember if you are working with metallic paint the size of the repair must be pretty large to ensure a match.

A three inch wide repair will probably require primer out to about 6 inches and then base coat out to about 12 inches and clear out to about 2 feet at minimum.

Then again all of this depends on seeing the repair and finding out why it is cracking.

I would figure if it is not on the edge of a panel then expect to blend half the panel to make it look right.

A shop will probably charge you a few hundred and if you are selling the car it might be better to tell the buyer that you will take $150 off in consideration if the damage is light enough that they could also live with it for a while or forever.



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