Managing Hazardous Waste in Auto Repair & Paint Body Shops

Tags: Shop Management

Automotive Repair and Pant and Body Shops have become highly regulated in the recent past. For many shop owners the cost of doing business and complying with the amazing amount of overhead associated with the products required to make repairs has put them out of business however this is not to say that it is impossible to meet these regulations and turn a profit.

We have seen many shops move away from overall paint jobs and only deal with minor repairs that can be accomplished with spot jobs. This may be due to the costs related …

Guide to Repairing and Welding High Strength Steel Vehicle Components

Tags: Frame Repair · Sheet Metal

frame-rackHigh Strength Steel is becoming a standard in new vehicle frame and structural components and as an autobody technician you need to know how to identify and correctly repair these parts correctly or you can introduce problems which may lead to risk of injury in the case of an accident.

High Strength Steel comes in a variety of levels of hardness. The harder the steel the more difficult it is to repair and weld. The benefit of high strength steel is that it can replace standard steel of greater thickness.

The common tensile strength …

The Top Ten Auto Repair Jobs for Average Car Owners

Tags: Drivetrain

A recent survey was made of Auto Repair shops asking what jobs are most likely for you to perform.

The list is pretty interesting and it left out general maintenance such as having your oil changed and looked more at billable hours and jobs for average cars.

Here is the list below and it may be surprising.
Top Ten Auto Repair Jobs
1. Brake Pads Replacement
2. Alternator Replacement
3. Water Pump Replacement
4. Timing Belt Replacement
5. Spark Plugs Replacement
6. Fuel Pump Replacement
7. Brake Rotor Replacement
8. Radiator Replacement
9. Engine Mount Replacement
10. Catalytic Converter Replacement


As you can see Catalytic Converters are the least likely to need servicing however …

HowTo – Expanding your air compressor’s tank capacity Good or Bad Idea?

Tags: HVLP Paint Guns · Shop Equipment you are a home or hobbyist mechanic you have probably worked your way up through a few different compressors and as you pay more you get more.. Higher horsepower compressors with larger tanks are always something that every mechanic wants but spending the money to jump from different levels of compressors can seem less cost effective then trying to supplement your current compressor with a larger tank.

Well thats the idea that goes through most of our minds when we are considering upgrading. If our current compressor works well then wouldn’t a larger …

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