Painting Tips – How hot is TOO hot for Summer Painting?

Tags: Body Filler · Paint Additives · Painting Tips this question someone living in Phoenix, AZ asks about temperatures and how they can effect your body work and painting.
I’m doing a project outside. I can shade it to get out of direct sun exposure heating up the panel in the work area, but it’s hot outside.

I need to shoot some epoxy and then add bondo … I hear about restrictions regarding the temps being too low for some of these materials, but how about too high?

I’m assuming it will speed up cure times quite a bit for sure.

When does it get too hot …

Painting Tips – My vehicle is painted in Lacquer Can I use Basecoat Clear to do a Touchup?

Tags: Lacquer · Painting Tips · Urethane is a question about doing a spot repair on a vehicle that was previously painted with Lacquer Paint and whether it is best to repair with the same type paint or use a newer technology.
I have to touch up a few spots on a car originally painted with lacquer. Should I use lacquer again or use a basecoat/clearcoat urethane? The car is a solid color, not metallic.
Ok so not a ton of detail in that question but we are going to attempt explaining the best method of repair for this person’s vehicle.

The first thing …

Painting Tips – Should I put my freshly painted Part in the Sun to Bake Cure?

Tags: Enamel · Painting Tips is a question about baking your freshly painted parts in the sun to make them cure faster.
Hey guys
I painted a car wheel yesterday and have had it in an air conditioned building over night for the low humidity. Should I put it out in the sun today to get it to maybe harden up quicker? I was hoping to put the tires on maybe Tuesday and want it as hard as possible…

Will the humidity outside effect it at this point? I just sprayed a good quality spray-can clear…not 2k.


This is a pretty basic question …

What is the Best way to get rid of Curb Rash Damage on Car Rims

Tags: Collision Repair · Project Cars is the best way to get rid of curb rash on a wheel lip?

I have some OEM wheels that I want to try and clean up before I mount tires on them.

Should I just lightly sand the marks? I’ve heard you can weld metal onto the lip and sand it down.

I don’t weld and don’t want to spend $$$ for welding.
Our Suggestion
Curb Rash is common on many vehicles. It is the light scuffs or cosmetic damage caused from rubbing your car wheels against something hard like a curb or the edge of a pothole.

The …

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